Yellowstone-Snake-River-Plain GPS Network
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  • We process the CGPS data, with IGS precise (final) orbit, using BPE (Bernese Processing Engine) . The daily solutions of station coordinates are constrained to seven remote NGS CORS sites (ALBH, DRAO, GOLD, MD01, NLIB, PIE1, QUIN) in an ITRF2005 reference frame.
  • To get the time series (residual plot) of each site, we use the Helmert transformation to translate and rotate the station coordinates onto a stable North American reference frame, WUSC. NGS CORS sites onto a stable North American reference frame.
  • Apr 2005-Mar 2012 Yellowston/Snake River Plain GPS-Derived Horizontal Velocity Map.
  • Jan 2005-Dec 2009 & Apr 2010-Mar 2012 3-Component Yellowstone Caldera GPS-Derived Velocity Maps.
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    Research supported by the NSF Continental Dynamics Project, NSF-EarthScope, U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program, Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, and the National Park Service.