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Graduate Students of Bob Smith

Ph.DStudentsPh.D Students Masters StudentsMasters Students

Ph.D. Students Supervised

Stanley, W. D., 1971, An Integrated Geophysical Study Related to Ground Water with Conditions of Cache Valley Utah and Idaho

Mikulich, M. J., 1971, Seismic Reflection and Aeromagnetic Surveys of the Great Salt Lake, Utah

Braile, L., 1972, Seismic Interpretation of Crustal Structure across the Wasatch Front with Applications of Geophysical Data Inversion

Otis, R. M., 1975, Interpretation and Digital Processing of Seismic Reflection and Refraction Data from Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming.

Pelton, J., 1978, The Analysis of Deformation-Induced Variations in Orthometric Height and Gravity with Application to Recent Crustal Movements in Yellowstone National Park

Doser, D. I., 1984, Source Parameters and Faulting Processes of the August 1959 Hebgen Lake, Montana Earthquake Sequence

Benz, H. M., 1986, Synthetic Seismograms for the Elastic Wave Case: Finite-Difference Forward and Inverse Modeling.

Michaels, P. M., 1993, Surface Wave Inversion by Neural Networks.

Lowry, Anthony L., 1994, Flexural Strength, Stress, and Effective Elastic Thickness of the Western U. S. Cordillera.

John O. D. Byrd, 1995, Neotectonics of the Teton fault, Wyoming.

Waite, G., 2003, Teleseismic tomography and anisotropy imaging of the Yellowstone Hotspot.

Chang, W. L., 2004, GPS studies of the Wasatch fault zone, Utah, with implications for elastic and viscoelastic fault behavior and earthquake hazard.

M.S. Students Supervised

Beck, P., 1970, The Southern Nevada-Utah Border Earthquakes, August to December, 1966

Winkler, P. L., 1972, Source Mechanisms of Earthquakes Associated with Coal Mines in Eastern Utah

Trimble, A. B., 1973, Seismicity and Contemporary Tectonics of the Yellowstone Park-Hebgen Lake Region

Freidline, R. A., 1974, Seismicity and Contemporary Tectonics of the Helena, Montana Area

Hendrajaya, L., 1975, Theoretical Estimation of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Pressure Using Seismic Wave Velocity

Bailey, J. P., 1976, Seismicity and Contemporary Tectonics of the Hebgen Lake-Centennial Valley, Montana Area

Gronseth, K. A., 1976, Seismic Velocities of an In- Situ, Jointed Block Under Controlled Stress Conditions

Wong, I. G., 1976, Site Amplification of Seismic Shear Waves in Salt Lake Valley, Utah

Heaney, R. J., 1976, Frequency-Wave Number Velocity Filters and Their Application to Seismic Data

Estill, R. E., 1976, Temporal Variations of P-Wave Travel Times and Lateral Velocity Variations across the Wasatch Front

Olsen, T.L., 1976, Earthquake Surveys of the Roosevelt Hot Springs and the Cove Fort Areas, Utah.

Gaiser, J., 1977, Origin Corrected Travel-Time Variations measured across the Wasatch Front

Kastrinsky, A., 1977, Seismicity of the Wasatch Front, Utah: Detailed Epicenter Patterns and Anomalous Activity

Evoy, J., 1978, Precision Gravity Reobservations and Simultaneous Inversion of Gravity and Seismic Data for Subsurface Structure of Yellowstone

Gertson, R. C., 1979, Interpretation of a Seismic Refraction Profile across the Roosevelt Hot Springs, Utah and Vicinity

Schilly, M. M., 1979, Interpretation of Crustal Seismic Refraction and Reflection Profiles from Yellowstone and the Eastern Snake River Plain

Hawley, B. W., 1979, Simultaneous Inversion of Local Earthquake Data for Hypocenters and Laterally Varying Velocity Structure

Wechsler, D. J., 1979, An Evaluation of Hypocenter Location Techniques with Applications to Southern Utah: Regional Earthquake Distributions and Seismicity of Geothermal Areas

Lehman, J. 1980, Upper-Crustal Structure Beneath Yellowstone National Park from Seismic Refraction and Gravity Observations

Doser, D. I., 1980, Earthquake Recurrence Rates from Seismic Moment Rates in Utah

Owens, T. J, 1980, Flexure and Normal Faulting in Lithospheric Plates with Application to the Wasatch Front, Utah

Clawson, S., 1981, The Lateral Inverse Q- structure of the Upper Crust in Yellowstone National Park from Seismic Refraction Data.

Benz, H. M., 1982, Simultaneous Inversion for Lateral Velocity Variations and Hypocenters in the Yellowstone Region Using Earthquake and Controlled Sources

Bashore, W. M., 1982, Upper Crustal Structure of the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Fault from Seismic Modeling.

Smith, K. A., 1984, Thesis: Normal Faulting in an Extensional Domain: Constraints From Seismic Reflection Interpretation and Modeling

Brokaw, M. , 1985, Two-Dimensional Seismic Velocity Models of the Yellowstone Caldera

DeSisto, J., 1985, Comparison of Synthetic Seismograms

Gants, D. G., 1985, Geologic and Mechanical Properties of the Sevier Desert Detachment as Inferred by Seismic and Rheologic Modeling

Barker, C. A., 1986, Upper-Crustal Structure of the Milford Valley and Roosevelt Hot Springs, Utah, Region by Modeling of Seismic Refraction and Reflection Data.

Eddington, P. K., 1986, Lithospheric Strain Rates and Deformation Models of Great Basin Extension

Viveiros, J. J., 1986, Cenozoic Tectonics of the Great Salt Lake From Seismic Reflection Data.

Leu, L. L., 1986, Three-Dimensional Velocity Structure of the 1983 M7.3, Borah Peak, Idaho, Earthquake Area Using Tomographic Inversion of Aftershock Travel-Times

Planke, S., 1987, Cenozoic Structures and Evolution of the Sevier Desert Basin, West-Central Utah, From Seismic Reflection Data

Chen, G. J., 1988, A Study of Seismicity and Spectral Source Characteristics of Small Earthquakes: Hansel Valley, Utah and Pocatello Valley, Idaho Areas.

Kjos, E.J., 1988, The Feasibility of Imaging Near-Vertical Incidence Lower Crustal and Upper Mantle Reflections from Seismic Refraction Data.

Matulevich, M.R.M., 1988, Extremal Inversion of Seismic Reflection Data for the 1986 PASSCAL Basin and Range Seismic Experiment.

Braun, J., 1989, Two-Dimensional Traveltime Inversion for Crustal Structure Using Refraction Data from the 1986 PASSCAL Basin-Range Seismic Experiment

Peyton, S. L., 1991, Contemporary Tectonics of the Yellowstone-Hebgen Lake Region From Earthquake Focal Mechanisms and Stress Field Inversion, 90p.

Stephenson, W. J., 1991, High-Resolution Seismic Imaging and Gravity Analysis of Deformation Across the Wasatch Fault, Kaysville, Utah, 86p.

McNeil, B. R., 1991, Upper Crustal Structure of the Northern Wasatch Front, Utah, From Seismic Reflection and Gravity Data, 63p.

Mason, D. B., 1992, Earthquake magnitude potential of active faults in the Intermountain seismic Belt from surface parameter scaling, 110p.

Miller, D. S., 1994, Three-dimensional P and S velocity structureof the Yellowstone Plateau from local earthquake and controlled source tomography.

Martinez, L. J., 1996, Global Positioning System measurements of the crustal deformation and strain of the Wasatch fault zone, Utah.

Kikkert, D. W., 1996, Lg attenuation in northern California.

Chang, W. L., 1998, Earthquake hazards on the Wasatch fault from tectonic induced flooding and stress triggering of earthquakes, 123 pp.

Lynch, D., 1999, Three-dimensional P-wave inversion of the crust and upper mantle structure from the Basin and Range to the Colorado Plateau-Rocky Mountains using earthquake and controlled source data, 155 pp.

Waite, Gregory, 1999, Seismicity of the Yellowstone Plateau: Space-Time Patterns and Stresses From Focal Mechanism Inversion, 191 pp.

Braun, J., 1999, Earthquake displacement hazard of the Wasatch and surrounding faults, Wasatch Front, Utah. (Environmental Engineering Degree jointly chaired with Ron Bruhn)

Puskas, C., 2000, Deformation of the Yellowstone caldera, Hebgen Lake fault zone, and eastern Snake River Plain from GPS, seismicity and moment release.

Krukoski, J., 2002, Density models of the Yellowstone magmatic system from gravity field inversion and a prototype GeoGIS system for Yellowstone, M.S. Thesis, University of Utah.

White, B. P., 2005, Seismicity,seismotectonics and preliminary earthquake hazard analysis of the Teton region, Wyoming.

Farrell, J. M., 2007, Space-time seismicity and development of a geographical information system database withinteractive graphics for the Yellowstone region.

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