GG5210/6211 Seismology I


Website Assignment

Getting Up-to-date On Web Accessible Earthquake, Volcano and Tectonophysics Information


Due Sept. 25, via email to me at


The WWW has become the most popular source of timely information on tectonophysics and seismology. For this assignment, I simply want to get you familiar with some of the more important sites that will be useful sources of information related to this class.The assignment is therefore to examine and simply describe the sites as follows.


Make a short list of the most recent earthquakes and erupting volcanoes recorded around the globe, North America and in the Intermountain region in the last couple of months by accessing:


1. Earthquakes

Global earthquake monitor:

Global and U.S. earthquake information:

Surfing the web for earthquake information:

U.S. seismic hazard maps:

Listing of U.S earthquakes:



The latter site has more links to www sites in the fields of seismology, tectonophysics and crustal deformation than you will ever want to know. In fact if you look in depth at each site you should receive an MS degree in inquisitiveness and endurance.


2. Volcanoes:

Global volcano monitor:

Global volcano information:

Surfing the web for volcano information:

U.S. volcano information:

USGS volcano information:

General volcano hazards:


3. Crustal deformation:


University GPS site at:

Crustal deformation of the Long Valley caldera, Mammoth Lakes, California, and describe the status of deformation and earthquakes as of this week at:


4. New Earthscope Initiative

Write a short description of the project and suggest how it might effect your career


5. Educational web sites on plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes:

No need to write anything up here, just enjoy surfing them.


Crustal deformation and GPS:


Plate tectonics:

The Savage Earth:,

National Geographic Fantastic Journeys:

The Jason Project at Yellowstone:,

Earthquakes, plate tectonics and space methods in Earth Sciences:

Investigating earthquakes:

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